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Fleet GPS tracking is a crucial component of modern fleet management. A company like Garage 77 GPS provides comprehensive services in this domain. The system utilizes GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers and hardware devices installed in fleet vehicles to monitor their real-time locations.

These GPS tracking systems help in vehicle and asset tracking, displaying the accurate position of each unit in the fleet. The real-time tracking feature allows businesses to monitor the fleet’s movements anytime. This is especially useful in dispatch management, where time and location accuracy is paramount.

Additionally, fleet GPS tracking contributes to fleet optimization. With the data collected from the trackers, Garage 77 GPS can analyze patterns, identify efficiencies and propose solutions for better routes or schedules, thereby reducing costs and improving service.

Furthermore, the tracking system is a GPS navigation aid, helping drivers find the best routes to their destinations. This also aids in monitoring equipment within the fleet, as the number of tracked devices can include anything from vehicles to critical gear, providing an extra layer of security and efficiency.

Finally, companies like Garage 77 GPS offer these systems and services to other businesses. With this technology, they can transform their fleet management, optimize their operations, enhance their service, and, most importantly, gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Garage 77 GPS displays this data in an easy-to-understand format, which makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a reliable GPS tracking service provider.

Why Choose Garage 77 GPS?

Garage 77 GPS is the industry’s premier provider of cutting-edge GPS tracking systems and fleet management solutions. Our robust vehicle and asset tracking services, based out of an undisclosed location, harness the power of real-time tracking to ensure your valuables are always within your sight. We specialize in fleet optimization, transforming fleets into lean, efficient units, and effective dispatch management that helps to streamline your operations.

Our GPS navigation system sets us apart, offering unparalleled precision and reliability. With our diverse range of tracking devices and systems, no number is too big or small for us to track and monitor. Our commitment lies in providing excellent GPS trackers that equip you with the tools to track, monitor, and optimize your assets for peak performance.

  • Improve bad driving by eliminating harsh braking, fast acceleration, quick cornering, and speeding.
  • Increase efficiency, reduce management and administrative hours, and improve productivity.
  • Reduce unauthorized driving, personal use, and side jobs.
  • Improve dispatching. No more calling to find out where someone is.
  • Save money on insurance, and reduce fuel costs and maintenance expenses.
  • Know exactly where your vehicles have been, every drive, stop, and route, expertly tracked.
  • Quickly verify hours and reduce unneeded overtime.
  • Know where your drivers are in real time. Follow units along turn by turn.



Realtime Tracking

View all vehicles on one screen.


Route Monitoring

Track speeding, breaking, acceleration, and other costly habits.


Driving Monitoring

Track speeding, breaking, acceleration, and other costly bad habits.


Accurate GPS Data

Pinpoint driver’s exact location for real time decisions within seconds.


Excessive idling or Prolonged stops alerts

Reduce unnecessary stop items, cut down fuel expenses and get more done.


Geofence and after hours driving alerts

Reduce unauthorized driving and help prevent vehicle thefts.

Reviews And Testimonials


GPS tracking for fleets is a technology that enables businesses to monitor, manage, and coordinate their vehicles in real-time. It uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to determine the precise location of each vehicle and transmit this information to a central platform application, allowing fleet managers to optimize routes, monitor driver behavior, and ensure overall efficiency and safety.

  • GPS tracking systems use satellite signals to determine vehicle location and transmit data to a central platform.
  • Fleet managers can monitor and manage their vehicles in real-time, optimizing routes and monitoring driver behavior.
  • GPS tracking for fleets improves overall efficiency, safety, and cost management.

Implementing GPS tracking for fleets offers numerous benefits, including enhanced productivity, cost savings, and improved safety. By providing real-time information on vehicle location and driver behavior, fleet managers can make informed decisions to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and prevent unauthorized use of vehicles.

  • Enhanced productivity: Real-time data allows fleet managers to optimize routes and schedules, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.
  • Cost savings: GPS tracking helps reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and unauthorized vehicle use.
  • Improved safety: Monitoring driver behavior and real-time vehicle diagnostics can reduce accidents and promote safer driving habits.

GPS tracking systems provide real-time data on vehicle location and traffic conditions, enabling fleet managers to optimize routes and reduce fuel consumption. Businesses can minimize fuel costs and reduce emissions by planning the most efficient routes and avoiding traffic congestion. Additionally, monitoring driver behavior such as speeding or idling can further increase fuel efficiency.

  • Real-time data on vehicle location and traffic conditions enables fleet managers to optimize routes.
  • Planning efficient routes and avoiding congestion minimize fuel costs and reduce emissions.
  • Monitoring driver behavior, such as speeding or idling, can improve fuel efficiency.

GPS tracking systems offer insights into driver behavior, enabling fleet managers to identify potential issues and promote safer driving habits. Data collected may include speed, harsh acceleration or braking, rapid cornering, and excessive idling. By analyzing this information, fleet managers can address driver performance, provide targeted training, and establish incentives to encourage safe driving.

  • GPS tracking systems collect data on driver behavior, such as speed, harsh acceleration or braking, rapid cornering, and excessive idling.
  • Fleet managers can analyze this data to identify potential issues and promote safer driving habits.
  • Targeted training and incentive programs can be established to encourage safe driving and improve overall fleet performance.

Selecting the right GPS tracking system for a fleet requires careful consideration of various factors, including system features, ease of use, scalability, and cost. It is essential to evaluate each system’s capabilities and ensure that it aligns with the organization’s specific needs and goals. Customer support and ongoing maintenance should also be considered to ensure smooth operation.

  • System features: Evaluate each GPS tracking system’s capabilities and ensure they align with the organization’s needs and goals.
  • Ease of use and scalability: Choose a user-friendly system that can grow with the organization’s fleet size and requirements.
  • Cost and customer support: Consider the system’s cost, ongoing maintenance, and customer support to ensure smooth operation and long-term success.

Garage 77 GPS: Empowering Fleet Management with Advanced Tracking Solutions


  • Real-time and accurate fleet tracking for improved operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced fuel and maintenance management contributing to cost savings.
  • Insights into driver behavior promoting safety and compliance.
  • Improved decision-making through comprehensive reporting and analytics.


  • Real-time Tracking – Offers precise, real-time information about vehicle locations and statuses.
  • Historical Data Analysis – Allows to examine past routes, driver behavior, and other vital metrics.
  • Geofencing – Enables setting up geographical boundaries, alerting when a vehicle enters or leaves those areas.
  • Route Optimization facilitates efficient route planning to save time and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Maintenance Management – Helps schedule regular vehicle maintenance to ensure fleet longevity and reduce downtime.
  • Fuel Monitoring – Tracks fuel usage to identify inefficiencies and potential areas for cost savings.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring – Monitors driving habits to enhance safety and maintain compliance.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Deliver comprehensive reports for strategic planning and improved decision-making.
  • Integration with Other Systems – Promotes seamless connectivity with existing business software for enhanced data analysis.


  • They are utilized in transportation and logistics for effective fleet management.
  • They were applied in emergency services for efficient dispatch and tracking.
  • Beneficial for utility companies requiring location tracking and route optimization.


  • GPS Tracking Devices – Devices installed in vehicles transmit location and other relevant data.
  • Fleet Management Software – Centralized platform to manage, monitor, and analyze fleet operations.

GPS Fleet Tracking Providers

  • Many providers offer varying capabilities and features to cater to unique business needs.


  • The cost of GPS fleet tracking solutions depends on the fleet size, chosen features, and the provider. We offer $5/month with no contracts!

Implementation Process

  • Includes the installation of tracking devices, setup of fleet management software, and integration with existing systems.

Training and Support

  • Providers typically offer extensive training and continuous support to ensure users gain maximum benefit from the system.

Expert Facts On GPS Tracking For Fleets

– Improved efficiency and productivity: GPS fleet tracking allows businesses to monitor their vehicles’ location, speed, and real-time performance. This helps optimize routes, reduce idle time, and improve operational efficiency.

– Cost savings: Businesses can save significant money on fuel costs by optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption. GPS fleet tracking can also help identify unauthorized vehicle usage or excessive idling, reducing costs.

– Enhanced safety: Fleet tracking systems alert speeding or aggressive driving behavior. This promotes safer driving habits among drivers and reduces the risk of accidents.

– Better customer service: With accurate real-time data on vehicle locations, businesses can provide customers with more accurate estimated arrival times. This improves customer satisfaction by minimizing wait times and increasing transparency.

– Maintenance management: Many GPS fleet tracking systems offer maintenance scheduling features that remind users when it’s time for routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes or tire rotations. This helps prevent breakdowns and extends the lifespan of vehicles.

– Theft prevention/recovery: If a vehicle is stolen, GPS fleet tracking enables quick recovery by providing its exact location at any given time. Some advanced systems even allow remote immobilization of stolen vehicles until authorities arrive.

– Compliance with regulations: Certain industries have specific driver hours-of-service or mileage regulations. GPS fleet tracking systems can help businesses ensure compliance with these regulations by accurately tracking and recording all necessary data. This prevents potential fines and helps maintain the company’s reputation in the industry.

– Data-driven decisions: The detailed data provided by fleet tracking systems can serve as a valuable resource for strategic planning. Businesses can analyze patterns and trends over time to make informed decisions regarding operational adjustments, fleet expansion, and resource allocation.

– Environmental responsibility: By reducing fuel consumption and optimizing routes, GPS fleet tracking reduces environmental pollution. This helps businesses meet their social responsibility goals and can be essential to their sustainability strategies.

– Emergency responsiveness: In emergencies, the real-time location data provided by fleet tracking can be crucial. It can enable faster responses by guiding emergency services to the exact location of a vehicle.

– Employee management: GPS tracking can help monitor employees’ productivity. It can track hours on the road, the number of stops made, and even time spent at each stop. This can be beneficial for performance reviews and identifying areas of improvement.

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