With GPS Fleet Tracking from Garage 77 Fleet GPS, you no longer need to call drivers to find out where they are or worry if they are where they are supposed to be. You can quickly provide evidence to a customer that a driver was there. Our web-based GPS tracking software allows you to easily follow your vehicles turn by turn, gauge how long they have stopped at a particular location, and view past travel history.

  • Improve bad driving by eliminating harsh braking, fast acceleration, quick cornering, and speeding.
  • Increase efficiency, reduce management and administrative hours, and improve productivity.
  • Reduce unauthorized driving, personal use, and side jobs.
  • Improve dispatching. No more calling to find out where someone is.
  • Save money on insurance, and reduce fuel costs and maintenance expenses.
  • Know exactly where your vehicles have been, every drive, stop, and the route is taken.
  • Quickly verify hours and reduce unneeded overtime.
  • Know where your drivers are in real time. Follow along turn by turn.

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