Fleet Tracking Security with Garage 77

Fleet tracking security is one of the most significant concerns for companies with large fleets of vehicles. These companies need to monitor their vehicles to ensure their safety, mitigate accidents, and track employee productivity. In the current business world, many businesses rely on technology to track and monitor their fleets. One company that provides such services is Garage 77.

What is Garage 77?

Garage 77 is a software company that provides fleet tracking security services. The company was founded in 2003 and offers a range of technology solutions for fleet management. The firm is based in the USA and provides services to clients across the world.

How do Garage 77’s Fleet Tracking Services Work?

Garage 77’s fleet tracking security services use GPS technology to monitor the location of each vehicle. This technology allows drivers to access online maps that show the location, speed, and other vital data of their vehicles in real-time. Additionally, the system provides access to detailed logs and reports for each vehicle. This enables the monitoring of a variety of factors, including maintenance, performance, fuel consumption, and driving behaviour.

The system also provides alerts for anything out of the ordinary, such as speeding, hard braking, or sudden changes in vehicle direction. Further, it allows fleet managers to set geofences, virtual boundaries around specific locations which will alert managers if any of the vehicles enter or leave the monitored area.

What Makes Garage 77’s Fleet Tracking Security Unique?

Garage 77’s fleet tracking security is unique because of its specialized features. The company’s system includes a range of customizable alerts and reports and allows managers to add and remove users and vehicles as needed.

The system also offers drivers access to their performance records, which can enhance safety and productivity – an essential aspect of any successful fleet.

How can Fleet Tracking Security Benefit Your Business?

Fleet tracking security benefits businesses in many ways. These systems can help ensure reliable vehicle performance, reducing the risk of road accidents, and optimize productivity. Fleet tracking security systems can also lower fleet operation costs by monitoring fuel consumption and maintenance schedules.

Furthermore, fleet tracking security systems can help with regulatory compliance, particularly for businesses operating in markets with strict transportation laws. The use of these systems can provide data that accurately tracks compliance with local laws and regulations.


How Much does it Cost to Implement Fleet Tracking Security?

The cost of implementing fleet tracking security depends on the company’s specifics and the type of system required. Generally, companies can expect to pay $15-$30 per month, per vehicle for the basic service. More advanced systems may go up to $50-$100 per month, per vehicle.

How Long Does it Take to Install Fleet Tracking Security?

The installation of fleet tracking security systems varies depending on the company’s size and the number of vehicles to be monitored. However, the installation usually takes only a few hours per vehicle.

What Types of Vehicles Can Benefit From Fleet Tracking Security?

All types of vehicles can benefit from fleet tracking security, including cars, trucks, vans, and buses. The systems can be particularly helpful for businesses with large fleets.


Fleet tracking security is a vital aspect of fleet management. Implementing Garage 77’s fleet tracking security can help a company monitor its vehicles in real-time and improve safety, productivity, and compliance. Additionally, the system is affordable and customizable, making it an excellent choice for businesses of different sizes and types.

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